Mark Crawford, He is currently a student at Middle TN State University. He is planning on majoring in fashion apparel and acting. He loves to live a very lavish lifestyle. He doesn’t like to just sit around and do nothing. Also he like to sew, fashion blog, go to fashion shows and do a lot of creative photoshoots! This guy has a passion for fashion. He loved keeping up with fashion trends and setting high goals for himself. He mentioned he “loves fashion because it’s very exciting and always recycling and evolving at the same time.”

During his teenage years he had branded a name for himself which is “MARKVENCHY” and he found his way to apparel design where he learned his obsession with high couture fashion, Runway, and acting as well.

After highschool, he began to network himself as a Freelance designer, fashion stylist, fashion model, actor, and fashion blogger. He is very well in multitasking in all of these fields. He has had the pleasure of working with talented photographers, models, and fashion shows.


He’s pursuing his dreams NOW into REALITY!


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Huyy , big bra! I just want you to know that you are an amazing young men that has so much good stuff coming for you. Every time I get mad or upset I go look on your page and look at your photos that’s the only thing makes me happy when I’m mad! Lols but I will always to move to LA with you And Alissa I always dream of going to LA to model &’ to become an Actress … I always tell myself to keep pushing to where o want to go in that’s HOLLYWOOD 🌇🍷

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