thumbnail_Photo Society Headshots - Mark (2 of 3).jpg

Hey guys I just wanted to share these awesome photos of me that the MTSU photo society took of me. These pictures here really define the person I am. Its really important in todays society working in such an tough industry to love yourself and build confidence. Confidence is something that I have always had and still continue to build throughout my life. After that I started accomplishing everything that I have always wanted. Many lack failing and not trying again until they succeed their goal. I always strive for greatness and use my highest potential to achieve everything that I know Im capable of doing. Ive also learned to make sure to surround yourself around positive people who are also working hard towards their dreams and goals. Im now 21 years old and I’ve seen a lot and been through so many struggles that I can honestly thank god for. I love energetic people like myself and just being your truest self around everyone. I don’t like people who judge others based off what someone has. I love helping and building people drive to do whatever they want to accomplish out of life. Always remember to have a why and purpose of why your doing everything your working hard for. I love you guys and thank you all so much for reading on how I feel about everything. The more you learn the more you earn, so get up and get out… Time is now – Markvenchy

thumbnail_Photo Society Headshots - Mark (3 of 3).jpg


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