Hey guys I didn’t design this outfit, but I had help style this dope “so chic” outfit for my baby sister. She got the top from Forever 21 and skirt from H&M, She loves the high waisted fit from skirt, and crop top style. She mentioned that she feels “so fetch”. Also she said “I’m in love every time with my Dellish Hair “SO FETCH” Check out hair at http://www.Dellishhair.com or Instagram @Dellishhair


Rihanna is so amazing and FASHIONABLE As you can tell by her outfits. I went to this concert for my birthday that had just passed on March 1st. Also me and Rihanna zodiac sign is PISCES which is very cool, and we have the same characteristics far as creative and fashionable.


SHOPPING Addiction

I really love these new items that I purchased from Nordstrom. I love these Gucci flip-flops and Valentino cologne. The flip-flops are very comfortable and easy access to slide on. The cologne fragrance is absolutely amazing. The scent stays on body and clothes for a long period of time.

The flip-flops were only $175 and the Cologne was $92. “These are my favorites”


I created this outfit for Hannah Monds, She just turned 23. So she wanted to go for the jersey look and this was made from a onesie. I also distressed these high waisted jeans for her as well to complete the chic look.