“We rocked our fur coats”

I love wearing fur coats because I feel comfortable, warm, clutched, high fashionable, and just being me. I also added the biker jeans to go along with look as well. Biker jeans are so comfortable when you wear them. Also these biker jeans I have were on sale for $30 at Two Old Hippies, “SHOCKER” because the original price was $224.00. I was glad that I had stopped by Urban Outfitters that day, because then I wouldn’t have got those jeans. Now, I really love these Alexander McQueen Shoes, They are so comfortable and High-Class that I feel like I’m floating. I Really love that on one side of shoe they both have a meaning to it. The side i love the most is Honjour, which stands for High Respect; Esteem. The shoes were worth the price, honestly I prefer “QUALITY OVER QUANTITY” because it lasts longer and I just feel good wearing nice things I work hard for.  I love this coat as well, It’s so smooth and soft that I feel like a cloud walking.

I also styled my best friend Fantashia Edmondson, It was challenging at first because she has a different style she prefers to wear on a daily. So this wasn’t one of the styles she would normally wear out anywhere. I had chosen to get her a fur coat to make her “BOOM” high-fashionable standout. She said “This would be to much exposure if I wear this, because I never dressed in something like this before, So people would look at her differently.” I had told her that was fine, but I was going to help her overcome that. So we added the black crop top and high-waisted skirt to go with look, and added some black sexy wedges. She absolutely looked “AMAZING” and she felt GLAMOROUS with her 26In” of Kendra’s Boutique Hair flowing every where. This was a great experience for me styling her and for her to.

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