“We rocked our fur coats”

I love wearing fur coats because I feel comfortable, warm, clutched, high fashionable, and just being me. I also added the biker jeans to go along with look as well. Biker jeans are so comfortable when you wear them. Also these biker jeans I have were on sale for $30 at Two Old Hippies, “SHOCKER” because the original price was $224.00. I was glad that I had stopped by Urban Outfitters that day, because then I wouldn’t have got those jeans. Now, I really love these Alexander McQueen Shoes, They are so comfortable and High-Class that I feel like I’m floating. I Really love that on one side of shoe they both have a meaning to it. The side i love the most is Honjour, which stands for High Respect; Esteem. The shoes were worth the price, honestly I prefer “QUALITY OVER QUANTITY” because it lasts longer and I just feel good wearing nice things I work hard for.  I love this coat as well, It’s so smooth and soft that I feel like a cloud walking.

I also styled my best friend Fantashia Edmondson, It was challenging at first because she has a different style she prefers to wear on a daily. So this wasn’t one of the styles she would normally wear out anywhere. I had chosen to get her a fur coat to make her “BOOM” high-fashionable standout. She said “This would be to much exposure if I wear this, because I never dressed in something like this before, So people would look at her differently.” I had told her that was fine, but I was going to help her overcome that. So we added the black crop top and high-waisted skirt to go with look, and added some black sexy wedges. She absolutely looked “AMAZING” and she felt GLAMOROUS with her 26In” of Kendra’s Boutique Hair flowing every where. This was a great experience for me styling her and for her to.


 I had created this wonderful blazer and trousers for my senior prom April 25, 2015. I had added the spikes on it to bring out more details and structure of outfit. I had got the shirt from H&M to go with it. I also added the glossy shoes because I like to be flashy and high appearance. Also, this was a great shot by Photographer Justin Guthrie   https://www.instagram.com/jayshotzproduction/


I loved this outfit that I had pieced together. I had wore this after prom party was over, This outfit was the after party look to where it was a urban high fashion look that I loved. I had to add the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “Independence Day” shoes to go with it. These are my favorite shoes that I have in my closet.

                   HOW TO GET THE LOOK!


                              H&M California Shirt              Ultra Skinny Black Suit Trousers

                                  Nike Air Max 90 Hyper-fuse “Independence Day”

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     Blue Textured Skinny Fit Suit Jacket


‘Dante’ Plain Toe Derby

Skinny Black Suit Trousers


This was a great shot by Photographer Justin Guthrie https://www.instagram.com/jayshotzproduction/


tumblr_nxrcvqSLfg1ur0nm7o5_500 tumblr_mqwbtkdmps1swpbceo1_500This was a cult musical comedy ‘Cry-Baby,’ about a conservative girl in 1950s Baltimore who falls for a rebellious bad boy against her mother’s wishes. I felt this movie was a great impact on the fashion industry. Some people didn’t notice the fashion in the movie. This is my favorite movie, that I always watch when I’m feeling like a bad-boy. I had did this presentation on this movie for my fashion project at school.


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I loved this outfit that I had designed for us. I styled her as well, and she was absolutely “GORGEOUS.” I had to make matching sweaters because she my best friend and I love her a lot. We are a friendship that nobody else can come between. We both are on the same level and have high set goals set for ourself that we accomplish each days of our life. We both are Ambitious, Motivated, Strong Minded, Passionate, and “WORK-A-HOLICS.” We both help each other in different ways because we have a lot of the same common things that we do. She’s a business woman, Therefore, Im more of an fashionista and actor that wants to have the LAVISH LIFESTYLE in Hollywood and New York. She is just incredible, I’m so blessed to have her in my life because we are going to succeed and “FAILURE” is not an option.


“It ain’t nothing better when you and your best friend got goals and always serving”



          This was an adventurous wild look that my sister wanted to do. I love cheetahs so I thought it was a great idea to do so. We were going for a vintage wilderness look. My sister who models loves wearing crop-tops so I made her a perfect one. I had to match her because I love her so much, She’s the perfect little sister. Also, I related to being a cheetah because I like to work on a fast pace at everything that I do and goals I set for myself. My sister is also a majorette dancer for the Elite Starz Of Nashville, So she took the cheetah theme in consideration as to be bold for her next competition. It had gave her encouragement.



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I had reconstruction this outfit that I had in my closet for over 3 years, So I decided to invent something more exciting. I was going for a urban look in the fall when I had started off my freshman year in college 2015. I just wanted to add the holes in the sweater for a more detailed look, and add some of the pieces on the pants to make it stand out. I love bieng very high fashionable because its relates to my personality as well.